Are you going to kill me?


Are you going to kill me?
I really don’t want to die.
I’d rather run through the grass
And pretend that I can fly.

Are you going to kill me?
I really don’t want to die.
I have so much I want to learn,
So many things to try.

Are you going to kill me?
I really don’t want to die.
I promise I will be good.
I promise not to cry.

So please do not kill me.
I’m such a little guy.
I want to grow up someday.
I really don’t want to die.

Life gets in the way

Please let my dreams come true,

Fervently I pray.

But unfortunately you see,

Life gets in the way


A famous author

I want to be someday.

Write  a dozen bestsellers,

But life gets in the way.


I have so many adventures planned,

With happiness everyday,

Doing what I love,

But life gets in the way


I want to sing

And dance today,

But there is no time

For life gets in the way


To the people I love

I have so many things to say.

Will I have the courage

Before death gets in the way?

My first day as a teacher

I looked across the sea of faces,

My heart a mess of a million fears;

Fifty pairs of eyes watched me,

Some curiously, and some full of tears.


All the names I had to remember;

Make myself heard above their cries.

How on earth, was I, I wondered,

Supposed to make all of them wise?


Snotty noses, bathroom trips,

Amidst ABC and 123.

Who wanted their mamma more, I wondered,

Was it the little kids or was it me?

Home alone

The fan drones on and on

Grumbling about the silence

The play list of my favourite songs

Rebels at being played too often

Pending chores keep me company

As I move from one lonely room to another


Outside these four walls

Is another world

Of people laughing

Talking, holding hands

Having fun

Even arguing


I stand at the window


From the fringes of life


Memories of other evenings

Filled with the laughter of life

Flit like ghosts mourning their own demise

Glimpses of today turning into unending tomorrows

Stretch like the darkness of the night all around me.



It steals upon you quietly

As the evening turns to night

And you realize you’ve always been alone,

There’s been no one by your side.


The illusion of belonging

Shatters into pain

And the chill of loneliness

Surrounds you once again.


You learn to use the illusion

As you live and laugh and smile

Desperately hiding tears and feelings

That threaten to spill over all the while.

Fear Then And Now



The very fact that I am not frightened anymore

Frightens me.

I keep searching for fear like I would a friend I miss.

I’ve lived with her for so long

That it feels strange not to have her around.

My heart opens to love

And then hits that invisible wall

Which cautions and hold back.

Which prevents me from loving

With the innocence of the past.

And then I realise that fear is besides me once again

Only she now has a different face.