Book Review: Snowbound by Olivier Lafont


Olivier Lafont
My Review:
“Christmas is dying.

The last Santa Claus had triplets who each inherited a portion of his father’s power, and that split is now tearing apart the soul of Christmas.”

That’s how the blurb of the book starts. I was intrigued. Three possible Santa Clauses? It certainly looked interesting. And the book absolutely lives up to the promise.

Olivier Lafont’s book is fast paced, yet I had to read it slowly, because I did not want to miss any of the action packed adventures of Adam and Zach as they try to save Christmas.

Lafont has an amazing way of telling a story and instead of Snowbound the title should have been spell bound. His way of describing things and people made the writer in me bow down in awe.

Can you imagine a creature like this?

“The constantly flowing face, forty feet high, swelled and dipped like a shifting waterfall, and a harmonious cacophony of sounds emerged from within it. It had the muted roar of the deep ocean trenches, interlaced with the longing calls of whales, the playful squeals of darling dolphins, the focussed silence of sharks, the percussion of a million million clam shells opening and closing in rhythm. It was the music of the Mediterranean sea condensed into the singular voice of this blue-gray monster.”

The book is also laced with pearls of wisdom as the boys find themselves as they figure out what needs to be done.

Things like this will resonate with every reader I am sure:

“He didn’t explore it further, because he feared he would find the logical loopholes and convince himself that bravery was really only a fancy synonym for socially admired insanity.”
“What happens happens. If we make mistakes, we try to correct them. That’s all there is to it. Don’t beat yourself up for mistakes you may or may not make, yes?”
The timing of the book couldn’t be better. With Christmas a few months away, it will make a great gift for pre and young teenagers.

Do pick up a copy and become part of the quest to find the true Santa.


Christmas is dying. 
The last Santa Claus had triplets who each inherited a portion of his father’s power, and that split is now tearing apart the soul of Christmas. 
Niccolo Vecchio, the eldest, has fortified the North Pole into a citadel of ice and metal. 
Santini, the middle brother, is in hiding somewhere in the Mediterranean. 
The youngest brother, Niccolo Piccolo, is raising legions to reclaim his inheritance. 
Two of the triplets will have to renounce their claim in the next forty-eight hours, or this Christmas will be the last one ever. 
And it’s up to Adam, underachieving teenager sub-ordinaire, and his brand new jock bully Zach to make that happen…
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About the author



Olivier Lafont is a French author, screenplay writer, and actor living in Paris. 
His novel ‘Warrior’ was published by Penguin Random House, and was shortlisted for the Tibor Jones South Asia Prize. He has just released his new contemporary romance novel ‘Sweet Revenge’ exclusively on Kindle. ‘Purgatory: The Gun of God’ is a fantasy novelette published in South Africa. 
Lafont has written a number of feature film scripts before. The first film he wrote opened at the Toronto Film Festival and went on to win seven awards at film festivals worldwide. 
As an actor Lafont has acted in Hollywood and Indian films, in TV serials, and in over 80 television commercials. He acted in ‘3 Idiots’, one of India’s all-time blockbuster hits, the critically-acclaimed ‘Guzaarish’, and the Lifetime film ‘Baby Sellers’, amongst other films. 
Lafont graduated with two degrees in acting and writing from Colgate University, USA, with academic distinction. 


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Warrior’ shortlisted for Tibor Jones South Asia Prize


‘Hari Om’ feature film winner of seven prizes in international film festivals


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