Book Review :250 Story Prompts from Newspaper Headlines: Ideas for your first book of short stories (Vol 1) by Shyamala Shanmugasundaram

imageBeing used to reviewing books that take at least a couple of hours to read, I was at a loss on how to review a book that took me hardly 10 minutes to read.

But then, as a writer and creative writing coach, I tried out a few of the prompts.

I must say, I am impressed. Shyamala has put together an array of prompts that range from everyday incidents to the bizarre. There were some prompts that made me go “Whaaaat? How on earth am I supposed to write on that?” But that was the challenge and it took me out of my comfort zone to push myself and really start thinking.

We also had fun in class, thinking up various endings for the same plot.

The author has obviously taken a lot of trouble to put together these news headlines from various sources.

A book worth buying for writers who are stuck for ideas or someone just starting out on the writing journey and needs direction.

You can pick it up from Amazon through my affiliate link here

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