Today so much has happened.
They say we have reached Mars.
And somewhere else a filmstar
And a newspaper clash over bras.
Jammu and Kashmir still
Suffer the aftermath of the flood,
And someone posts on facebook
An urgent need for blood .
My neighbour and Bhajiwallah
Bargain over the price,
While the crows create a clamour
Over the offerings of rice,
I read, I see and listen
And pay them little heed
And thinks instead of what
My family I will feed.
My nicest bedsheet I find
Ripped into tiny shreds
By the angelic little puppy
Looking adoringly at me from the bed
“Mom! I’m going to be late
My bus I am going to miss!”
And my darling daughter
Leaves without a kiss.
The other news around
Seems to fade away somewhere
I know all of it
I just don’t seem to care.
It is not part of my world
Of what I do or say
Just noises on the fringe
Of my busy busy day.

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