Being A Woman

Women’s Day! And as I listen to so many of my friends grumbling about being a woman, I realise that I love being a woman. I really, really love being a woman. And I love a man who is a man. Maybe I sound a bit old-fashioned and out of sync with today’s world, but I am old enough to stop being a hypocrite and get away with the truth.

I love having a myriad of moods that define me. I love being happy and giggly and sentimental and crazy. I love being sad and cranky and melancholy. I love being dark and mysterious and sensuous and seductive. I love being warm and loving and caring. I love all of it.

I love the fact that I can love with my whole heart and soul and no one can ever guess it. I love being absolute sugar sweet to people I hate and watch them squirm to give me a fitting reply. I love the fact that I can cry through a whole box of tissues while watching a movie or reading a book.

I love having girlfriends with whom I can share so much. To them I can cry about my crush who doesn’t even notice me. With them I can celebrate all the small things that make life so beautiful. I love letting my hair down and being just me.

I love dressing up and going to the parlour. I love being beautiful and being told that I am. I love the fact that I am a drama queen and can turn from angelic innocence to a wailing banshee in a matter of seconds.

I love the fact that I am so passionate about things and people. I could kill for my kids and those I hold dear. It feels good to rip into people sometimes when jealously strikes. Bitching session are another favourite.

I love fact that I am a mother. I thrill to the memory of holding my daughters in my womb, feeling the movement of their limbs within me. There is nothing so awesome as a baby nursing at your breast, looking up to you with absolute adoration as you talk to her softly. I loved hugging and holding my kids through nightmares and heartaches, coz of course mummy knows best.

I love the fact that I am strong enough to walk alone, to do everything I need to do, to take responsibility for my own life and feelings.  But I also love the fact that I have people who would jump in to help at a moment’s notice.

I love the fact that I can get most males to do things for me by just dazzling them with my smile or fluttering my eyelashes at them. I love the way they preen when I give them my “You’re my hero smile”.  I love the fact that I could get my husband to want to leave the party early and rush home with just a glance across the room.

I love it when my man protects and defends me. I love it when he cares for and pampers me. I love the fact that I can bring playfulness into our relationship. I love the fact that he never knows what I am going to be up to next. I love being unpredictable.

I love being woman!


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