Where is the time ?

A million things on my “to do” list.
Will they ever get done?
The squirrel scampers up the balcony railing
And asks, “Don’t you want to have some fun?”
I reply, “Sure I do,
But all these things need to be finished too.”
Sadly, he scampers off
To find someone else to play,
While I go about
All my chores for the day.
Rumi sits on the table
Waiting to be read,
But there is a pile of ironing
Sitting right on my bed.
A dozen ideas for my blog
Play hide and seek in my head.
I tell them to wait
As I go to the market instead.
Oh no, today was the last day
To go for the movie that I wanted to see
But dinner has to be made
And even then I won’t be free.
Ah finally, I can take a break
And sit down with a much needed cup of tea.
Who was I kidding?
There it comes, a screaming summons,

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