A network of smiles

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine posted this on facebook, “ I like the fundamental concept of ‘network marketing’ .. it can also be utilized in a non-commercial manner to spread the goodness 🙂 It just needs one person to initiate.. n it will spread to the rest inherently.. don’t u think? :)”

I read it and smiled. And smiling made me think of my morning walks. During the summer, I used to get up really early in the morning to go for a walk. I loved being out of the house by 5.30. It was still dark, but not scarily so. There was not much traffic on the road, except the guys delivering milk and newspapers to the various booths and shops.

I used to walk over to a garden some distance from my home. There I would join the other early morning walkers, some old, some young, but everyone determined to keep their distance from the others. I could very well relate to this because I hate talking to anyone when I am out walking. That is my time to listen to music, to dream great dreams, to plan how I am going to conquer the world and I hate anyone intruding. This is also why I go so early in the morning, before the world wakes up.

The only problem when I am walking in that beautiful not yet morning time, with the birds waking up one by one, and listening to the sweetest music that the channels seem to love to play at that hour of the day, is that I feel very happy. And when I feel happy, I need to tell the world about it. Smiling then becomes something I can’t control and I beam at anyone within striking range.

The first day I smiled at people, they looked at me strangely as if to ask, “Do I know you?” But my smiles do not seem to care and so the next day, they were back again, being bestowed on all and sundry. This time though, the response was few tentative smiles. As each day went by, the number of smiles I got back increased and then about a week later, another walker started smiling at the others. And slowly people started acknowledging the presence of others.

We still all respected that unspoken rule of early morning walkers that silence is golden. No one spoke to anyone, yet the garden just seemed a much more comfortable place to walk in. Since most of us live in and around the area, it was not long before we bumped into each other at the market place or the bank and since the law of silence does not apply there, people started talking to each other and now it is a rare occasion when I step out of my home and find no one to wish me a good morning or smile at me before I wish them. And that is how the network of smiles started.

So yes, let’s all start using network marketing to spread more happiness and good things around! What do you say?


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