Too young to die

Your eyes are closed
Do they hide the million dreams you had
But which will now remain unfulfilled?
No worry lines mar your brow.
Does it hide thoughts started
But which will now be left incomplete?
Your lips are relaxed
Do they hold the conversations begun
But which will never be completed?
As you lie there so serene
Do you regret things not experienced
Or goals unachieved?
In your last moments
Were you sad that you had to leave
this life while yet so young?
Or at the end of the day
Were you just glad
That you were free of the pain that wracked your body.
Free of the disease that
Robbed you of all that you could have had?
Of all you could have been?
While we all mourned the fact
That you were too young to die
Did you feel you had instead lived too long?

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