Personality Development for Women

Hi Friends,

We have been getting a lot of inquiries for a personality development programme for women. So we have created something very special for all of you who want to be the best you can.

Shakti: The Strength of a Woman.

(A Self Development Course For Women )

Topics that will be covered:

1. You are wonderful
2. Self Confidence : Yes I can, Yes I am
3. Mirror Mirror on the wall : Grooming and Make up
4. Words that Wow : Conversation and Communication
5. Charm Personified : Etiquette and Manners
6. Relationships : Family, Friends and Colleagues
7. Where’s the time? : Time Management
8. My home, my castle: Keeping a Beautiful Home

Duration: 10 Hours
Cost: Rs.3000/-
Dates : 4th,11th,18th,25th September &2nd October
Venue: Vasant Vihar
Call : Sunita 9892939062 or Monisha 9892299177


One thought on “Personality Development for Women

  1. Makes one already confident and a feel-good factor already envelopes me here- Congratulations Sunita. And I hope you blog more about how women can deal with small everyday situations- how in small ways they can feel who they are. If you like I can send this book to you that every woman should read- Gift from the Sea by Ann Lindbergh- a pilot herself, but was also the wife of that great pilot who flew across the Atlantic solo. It's a fantastic book that woman will identify with- Sabs has a copy me thinks, if not let me know- it would certainl bea book that could be discussed in the course of your workshops

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