English Language Development Programme

Saturdays at the centre are a lot of fun. Every Saturday we conduct our Language Development Classes. The kids that attend range from 3 year olds to teenagers.

Last Saturday the third and fourth grade students read “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. Most of the kids were thrilled to be reading a book that is claimed to be responsible for starting the Civil War in America and ultimately ending slavery. The group discussion on freedom made history come alive in the class room. The topic went on to include the kinds of freedom we enjoy today and the creative writing part of the course covered writing a poem of thanks for what we enjoy. The second assignment was to imagine what it was like to be a girl born 300 years ago in India and write a story of comparison between a girl born then and a girl born in India today.

The 3 year olds enjoy watching DVDs about the adventures of Zing who has become a great favourite. They learnt prepositions through play and a treasure hunt and wrote a rebus story to reinforce the same.

Every session for each age group starts with reading, goes on to vocabulary,grammar and conversation and ends with creative writing. It is a unique course that is tailor made for the students and we are always looking for ways to add to its value.


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