Are you poised for success?

Today success is no longer a luxury but a necessity. In order to succeed in life, one requires a host of soft skills. One needs to hone their personality and communication skills to compete with the best.

We understand how important your success is to you and therefore we have developed a variety of short term courses that will help you enhance your personality and perfect your communication skills.

Let’s Read

Our course on reading skills is designed to make your child fall in love with reading through the use of world class reading material.

Budding Writers

Our Creative writing courses are designed to help children discover the magic of words and wow their teachers and others with their writing skills.

You Are Perfect – A Personality Development Course

We all have the potential to be the best. Hidden under our insecurity and fear, is a wonderful human being waiting to get out; someone who is capable of achieving fantastic things and worthy of having a wonderful happy life. Our personality development course is designed to bring out the best in you by helping you become more confident, to make decisions, manage your time, communicate well, set and achieve goals, handle problems in an assertive manner and manage relationships. Tailor made for kids and adults.

To know more mail us at know_and_grow@yahoo.com or call on 91 9892939062


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